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awareness-raising on the theme of the MOUEBARA law enacted in 2022 on the occasion of March 8

March 8 was a day marked by women becoming ever more active in defending their fundamental rights.
As on every March 8, in keeping with its commitment to action and to give meaning to this symbolic day, the Burotop Iris Foundation organized an awareness-raising event for all the women in its companies on the theme of the MOUEBARA law enacted in 2022, led by Maitre Lenda.
This little-known law, which is nevertheless enshrined in the Republic of Congo’s judicial corpus, protects women from the domestic violence to which they are unfortunately sometimes subjected. Reading this law, explaining it, understanding it better and thus being able to take action – these were the issues brought to the attention of women.
Present at this awareness-raising event are women from PRIMA, CELEC, MBTP, FOOD AND CO, BUROTOP IRIS and MILLENNIUM MOTORS.
A single watchword: It’s by taking action that we can transform!
The many women in attendance were very pleased with the insights and explanations, which were supported by questions and answers.
Each of us is now in charge of spreading the good word to our personal environment.

The BUROTOP Foundation is committed to raising awareness of this major social issue on an ongoing basis.