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Awards presented to top medical graduates

Fondation Burotop Iris was honored to take part in the ceremony proclaiming the results of the 37th defense of doctoral theses in Medicine and the 3rd promotion of Master’s theses in Public Health, Health and Human Biology at the Faculty of Health Sciences. To mark the occasion, we handed out a number of doctor’s coats, laboratory coats, stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors to the top prizewinners. The Burotop Iris Foundation is proud to contribute to the success of these young healthcare professionals, who are the future of our society.

We are convinced that the equipment offered to the prizewinners will be of great use to them in their future professional practice. The Burotop Iris Foundation thus reaffirms its commitment to the health and well-being of the Congolese population. We will continue to support medical students and healthcare professionals by providing them with the equipment they need for their training and practice.

We would like to thank all our partners and donors who have contributed to this initiative, enabling us to continue to work alongside Congolese healthcare professionals.