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Breast cancer awareness pink october

Attentive to the good health of its agents, and to mark the month of “October Rose”, the Foundation organized an awareness-raising meeting at Burotop on a sensitive subject that concerns all women: breast and cervical cancer.

The vast majority of women from Burotop and local companies took part in the event. To shed light on the disease, we invited an eminent oncologist, Madame Judith Nsonde. His explanations and advice raised awareness of the importance of prevention through early detection.
In fact, it’s upstream of this pathology, which unfortunately affects many women around the world, that you need to remain vigilant and be able to “listen to your body” about possible symptoms. Early identification of the disease through screening gives us the means to fight effectively against its development.

Today, according to statistics, almost one woman in 12 develops breast cancer in her lifetime. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women.

As one of the Foundation’s raisons d’être is health, we were proud to lend our full support to the success of this awareness campaign!