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From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

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Campaign to distribute clothes and shoes to children in Brazzaville

The Burotop Iris Foundation, aware that children are our future, recently organized a campaign to distribute clothes and shoes to needy children in Brazzaville. The Notre-Dame de Nazareth orphanage, the Coeur Immaculé orphanage and the Bethanie center have all benefited from this initiative.

The children were delighted to receive new clothes and shoes, as it made them feel more comfortable and confident in their appearance. Thanks to this distribution, every child was able to find the perfect shoe, in a warm and comforting collective atmosphere.

Fondation Burotop Iris is proud to have contributed to this wonderful initiative to support Brazzaville’s neediest children. By helping them to dress properly, we give them the opportunity to focus on their development and education, while boosting their self-esteem.