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Celebrating Universal Children’s Day

To mark Universal Children’s Day, the Burotop Iris Foundation organized an awareness-raising day, led by magistrate Christine GOMA, for 60 children from the Case Dominique special school.

This day was an opportunity for the children to ask many questions about their rights and their future. The magistrate answered all their questions with patience and pedagogy, awakening their curiosity and interest in important subjects.

This initiative by Fondation Burotop Iris is a real opportunity for children to become aware of their rights and to learn about issues that concern them directly. Indeed, it is essential that children’s rights are put at the heart of all priorities, so that every child can grow up in an environment that is safe and conducive to his or her development.

The awareness campaign organized by the Burotop Iris Foundation is therefore an important step in the promotion and protection of children’s rights. It enables children to familiarize themselves with their rights and understand the importance of defending them. What’s more, the awareness-raising day also helped to boost the children’s self-confidence and their ability to take charge of their future.