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Celebrating World Day of the African Child

Every year since 1991, June 16 has been marked as World Day of the African Child, in commemoration of the hundreds of students who fell victim to the Soweto massacre in 1976. The young people were demonstrating peacefully to demand their right to education. In this spirit, the BUROTOP IRIS Foundation organized, contributed to and participated in a highly symbolic event to raise awareness of violence and children’s rights.

The initiative benefited 275 middle and high school students in Madingo-Kayes, who took part in moments of communion and exchange led by Mrs. Jessica Valérie Mamouni Goma, Magistrate, and Mr. Davy Abandzounou, Prosecutor at the juvenile criminal court in Pointe Noire. The Foundation is proud to have contributed to the success of this initiative, which promotes children’s rights and reminds us of the importance of education for all.