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Christmas at CHU

Christmas is a particularly important time for children, who look forward to the festive season with great anticipation. However, for children hospitalized in the pediatric, oncology and oncology departments of CHU, these festivities can seem a far cry from their reality. That’s why the Burotop Iris Foundation has decided to make a major gesture by offering gifts to every child hospitalized in these departments.

This generous initiative gives sick children a little joy and happiness during this difficult time. Receiving a gift is a moment of comfort that can put a smile back on the faces of the little ones, and give them the strength to continue their fight against illness. Thanks to this gesture, the Burotop Iris Foundation is helping to improve the daily lives of sick children, bringing them a little glimmer of hope and comfort.

By offering gifts to hospitalized children, the Burotop Iris Foundation once again demonstrates its commitment to solidarity and generosity. This gesture also raises public awareness of the situation of hospitalized children and the importance of offering them moral and material support, especially during the holiday season.

When a sick child smiles again, everyone around him is relieved. The Burotop Iris Foundation’s gesture therefore has a positive impact not only on hospitalized children, but also on their families and carers. By bringing a little happiness back to these children, this initiative helps to strengthen social ties and solidarity within the hospital community.