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Complete school kits donated to two Brazzaville orphanages

Fondation Burotop Iris recently donated complete school kits to two Brazzaville orphanages: Maison Espérance and Coeur Immaculé. The aim of this initiative is to help children get their school year off to a good start by providing them with everything they need for their education, such as notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers and so on. These donations enable the most disadvantaged children to have the same educational opportunities as others.

The Burotop Iris Foundation’s mission is to support people in difficulty, particularly children in precarious situations. Thanks to these donations, she hopes to contribute to the development of children, enabling them to be educated and trained to become fulfilled and responsible citizens. The actions carried out by the Burotop Iris Foundation are proof of its commitment to the education and well-being of the most vulnerable children.