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From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

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Contribution to the rehabilitation of the Soumouna school

In partnership with Hope Congo, the BUROTOP IRIS Foundation has supported the rehabilitation of the Soumona school in the Pool department. Indeed, the foundation has once again demonstrated its commitment to education and human development, by donating lumber, battens, sheet metal, aluminum coils, iron and spikes, as it had already done in 2019 for the Voula school. Thanks to this action, the Soumona school will be able to offer a safe learning environment conducive to the development of its pupils.

This initiative illustrates the BUROTOP IRIS Foundation’s determination to contribute to the development of education in the country, in partnership with other organizations and by promoting a collaborative approach. This initiative will strengthen ties between different communities and facilitate access to education for all, especially for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.