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From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

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Donation for the orphanage le village des enfants Cardinal Emile Biayenda

On November 15, on the initiative of its director, the Burotop Iris foundation donated a vehicle to the “Le village des enfants Cardinal Emile Biayenda” orphanage, located in the Kombé-Ferme district of Madibou, Brazzaville’s 9th arrondissement.

This generous donation will enable the orphanage’s children to make their daily journey to and from school in complete safety. The vehicle will make it much easier for the children to get around, which is often difficult due to a lack of transport.

On handing over the vehicle, Cardinal Emile Biayenda, his wife and all the children warmly thanked the Burotop Iris Foundation for this initiative. With broad, infectious smiles on their faces, the children climbed aboard, ready for their first ride.

This donation represents a real relief for the orphanage and its boarders. It testifies to the Burotop Iris Foundation’s commitment to children in need. We would like to sincerely thank the entire Foundation team for this generous gesture.