Fondation Burotop Iris

From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Donation of a television set to Maison Espérance

The Burotop Iris Foundation is delighted to have donated a television set to Maison Espérance. We realize that it doesn’t take much to bring joy to children, and we’re proud to contribute to their happiness. This donation will enable these young people to spend some quality time relaxing and enjoying themselves.

We know that every action counts. Even a small gesture can make a big difference in the lives of others. So we’re delighted to have been able to support Maison Espérance. It’s an honor for us to contribute to the well-being of these children.

We believe that every child deserves a happy, carefree childhood. This is why we will continue to support organizations like Maison Espérance and offer donations to improve their daily lives.