Fondation Burotop Iris

From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Donation to flood victims

The Burotop Iris Foundation responded quickly and positively to the appeal launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs to help the population of the many villages affected by the floods. In a spirit of generosity and sharing, the Foundation distributed fresh foodstuffs such as rice, oil, concentrated tomatoes, Vival water, salted fish and spaghetti to the stricken residents. The food was distributed to help victims meet their basic needs during this difficult period.

The CEO of Burotop, Mr. Issa Attye, underlined the importance of the actions carried out by the Burotop Iris Foundation to help the populations affected by the floods. He also reminded us of the importance of small gestures in difficult times, as they ease sorrow and comfort hearts. Thanks to the Foundation’s commitment, many local people received essential help and witnessed a message of solidarity and compassion.