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From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Donation to orphans in the Kingoué district

The Burotop Iris Foundation has carried out a major action in favor of orphans in the Kingoué district, thanks to the initiative of its director, Mrs. Diana Attye. She made a donation of equipment to the Association Maison du Cœur-Amis du Congo (Amaco) based in Bouenza. The donation included equipment such as a generator, a washing machine, a computer, a multifunction printer, a TVS 125 motorcycle, mattresses, a lawnmower and clothes rails.

This generous gesture from the Foundation has enabled the Amaco Association to strengthen its material resources to ensure the well-being and safety of orphaned children. The generator and the TVS 125 motorcycle are useful to facilitate travel and ensure the smooth running of the association’s activities. Washing machines and linen closets are practical tools for washing the children’s clothes, while a computer and multifunction printer help keep the administration running smoothly.

Mattresses provide greater comfort for children, and the lawnmower makes it easier to maintain the home’s outdoor space. This action demonstrates the Burotop Iris Foundation’s commitment to orphans and their well-being. It also testifies to the solidarity of the Foundation’s members and their determination to make their contribution to society. United for children’s well-being!