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From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Donation to Village d’enfants orphanage in Kombé

The Burotop Iris Foundation recently donated 30 bags of cement to the Village d’Enfants orphanage in Kinsoundi. Thanks to this generous donation, the walls of the toilets, weakened by bad weather, were consolidated and a new dormitory was built for the children.

This work has had a considerable impact on the well-being of the orphanage’s young residents. Renovation of the toilets and the addition of a dormitory have improved living and sleeping conditions for the children, who have regained a comfortable and secure space. Thanks to this gesture of solidarity, the Burotop Iris Foundation has helped to improve the quality of life of the children at the orphanage, by providing them with a more pleasant living environment that is more conducive to their development.

The Burotop Iris Foundation’s donation of cement has also helped to brighten the precious smiles of the orphanage’s little residents. Indeed, the children were able to see that their well-being was a priority for the members of the foundation, which brought them great joy and a sense of gratitude. This donation has strengthened the bond of solidarity and fraternity between the children of the orphanage and the members of the foundation, who worked together to carry out this important work.

This gesture of generosity on the part of Fondation Burotop Iris is an inspiring example of solidarity and commitment to those in greatest need. By helping to improve the living conditions of the orphanage’s children, the foundation has demonstrated its commitment to the values of mutual aid and sharing. This donation of cement is an investment in the future of the orphanage’s children, who will now benefit from a safer, more comfortable environment in which to grow and flourish.