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Employee training for March 8th

The BUROTOP IRIS foundation celebrated International Women’s Rights Day by offering support to women in the company. Training courses on Personal Branding by Ms Vanessa Metou and on public speaking by Mr Florian Koulimaya have been set up to enable women to develop their skills and boost their self-confidence.

The initiative was welcomed by CEO Issa Attye, who stressed the importance of promoting the company’s achievements, experience and expertise. He also recalled the Burotop Iris Foundation’s commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Thanks to these training courses, the company’s women have been able to acquire essential skills for their professional and personal development. They learned to get to know each other better and to communicate effectively about their backgrounds and expertise. This support boosts their self-confidence and enables them to speak in public with greater ease.

This initiative by Fondation Burotop Iris demonstrates its commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women. It also illustrates the company’s determination to leverage the skills and expertise of its female employees to boost its performance and image.