Fondation Burotop Iris

From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Food donated to Brazzaville orphanages

As it does every month in Brazzaville, in April the Foundation made the rounds of 9 orphanages to donate fresh food, rice and oil.

The gift of giving and receiving children’s smiles is just as important!

As well as providing fresh food, rice and oil to the orphanages, the BUROTOP IRS Foundation also offered emotional support to the children. Foundation members spent time with the children, listening to them, encouraging them and entertaining them.

They organized fun and educational activities for the children, such as board games, drawing sessions and storytelling sessions. These moments of sharing and exchange allowed us to bond with the children, to bring them a little comfort and give them a little joy.

The BUROTOP IRS Foundation is committed to helping children in difficulty by providing them with essential foodstuffs and offering them moments of happiness and sharing. It will continue to support Brazzaville’s orphanages and do all it can to improve the lives of children in need.