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Fresh food and complete school kits distributed to 6 orphanages

The start of the school year is a time of preparation for students and their families. It’s a time when many parents face the added expense of buying school supplies and clothes for their children. However, in some cases, families are unable to cover these expenses, especially orphans. Fortunately, six orphanages in Brazzaville have received fresh food and complete school kits.

These orphanages, which include Saint Antoine de Padoue, Bon Pasteur, Yamba Ngai, Cœur Immaculé, Bonne Semence and Maison Espérance, also received additional help with sewing their school uniforms, as well as fabrics. This means that the children in these orphanages not only have quality school supplies for their education, but also clothing adapted to their school environment.

The distribution of fresh food and complete school kits is an initiative that is having a positive impact on the lives of Brazzaville’s orphans. Thanks to this help, they can concentrate on their education without having to worry about the extra expenses associated with back-to-school. What’s more, help with school uniforms contributes to their self-confidence, as they can go to school dressed appropriately. Ultimately, this help enables the children in these orphanages to feel included and supported in their educational community.