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Furniture donated to national cancer program

The BUROTOP IRIS Foundation has donated office furniture to the National Cancer Control Program (PNLC) unit headed by Professor Judith Nsonde. This action is part of the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to supporting cancer awareness and control in the country.

The donation included several tables, cupboards, chairs and desks that will improve working conditions for PNLC teams. This generous gesture testifies to the BUROTOP IRIS Foundation’s determination to provide long-term support to Congolese public health players mobilized against this disease.

Professor Judith Nsonde was delighted with this timely support. She warmly thanked the Foundation for its loyalty and ongoing commitment to the fight against cancer, a major public health issue.

The equipment handover ceremony took place in a spirit of solidarity and fraternity, reaffirming the need to combine everyone’s efforts to improve the care of cancer patients in the Congo.