Fondation Burotop Iris

From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Support for the organization of the Women’s Leadership Academy training seminar

Fondation Burotop Iris recently contributed to a Women’s Leadership Academy training seminar launched by the Sounga Foundation. The aim of this training was to enable women to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies in leadership, in order to promote women’s involvement in public, private and civic institutions. In this way, the Foundation has supported female leadership […]

Distribution of school kits at Jean Felix Tchikaya public elementary school

The Burotop Iris Foundation is proud to have contributed to the academic success of children from the Jean Felix Tchikaya public elementary school. As part of its education program, the Foundation distributed 250 school kits containing essential supplies such as exercise books, pencils, erasers and rulers. This initiative was greatly appreciated by parents and teachers, […]

Complete interior and exterior renovation of the “Yamba Ngai” orphanage

The BUROTOP IRIS Foundation has carried out a large-scale project involving the complete renovation of the “Yamba Ngai” orphanage in Batignolles. Work focused on improving the interior and exterior of the facility, to create a healthier environment more conducive to the children’s well-being. This initiative has enabled the Foundation to make a significant contribution to […]

Contribution to the rehabilitation of schools in the Pool department

The BUROTOP IRIS Foundation has responded to a call from the Hope Congo association to rehabilitate schools in the Pool department. For example, it donated office furniture and stationery to the Voula elementary school, to improve learning conditions for pupils. This solidarity action will enable students to work in better conditions, for greater academic success. […]

Donation of computer equipment to the first edition of BAC MOTIV 2019

The BUROTOP IRIS Foundation took part in the first edition of BAC MOTIV 2019, an initiative aimed at encouraging and motivating baccalaureate students in their academic journey. During the meeting, the Foundation contributed computer equipment to help students prepare for their exams. This contribution was greatly appreciated by both students and event organizers. The BUROTOP […]

Donation of agricultural implements to the Maison d’Enfants de Kombé orphanage

The BUROTOP IRIS Foundation recently donated farming implements essential to the success of the agricultural project at the orphanage children’s village in Kombe. These tools are crucial for soil preparation, sowing and crop maintenance, and will enable children to develop a sustainable, income-generating agricultural activity. The BUROTOP IRIS Foundation is proud to support this project, […]

Blood drive to mark Blood Donor Day

The BUROTOP IRIS Foundation actively participated in World Blood Donor Day organized by the National Blood Transfusion Center (CNTS) on June 14, 2019. The day was an opportunity to mobilize the general public and raise awareness of the importance of blood donation in saving lives. The Foundation contributed to this cause by encouraging participation and […]