Fondation Burotop Iris

From losing a home to building homes in Uganda

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

School kits for orphans

For the start of the 2023 school year, the Burotop Foundation has once again answered the call to support Brazzaville’s underprivileged children. Its solidarity initiative has equipped 360 orphans in 9 orphanages in the city, enabling them to go back to school in the best possible conditions. The foundation distributed complete school kits to each […]

In-service teacher training

The Burotop Iris Foundation, alongside the Action Réal and Pratic associations, has contributed to the training of 45 teachers from Brazzaville on the themes of pedagogy and digital technology. This initiative is part of our commitment to supporting the professionalization of teaching staff, a crucial issue for education. Beneficiaries came from 11 schools in the […]

Distribution of school kits with UNHCR

The Burotop Iris foundation remains true to its values: helping the most vulnerable through useful donations. In partnership with the UNHCR and in the presence of Burotop Iris CEO Mr Issa Attye, the foundation invited 131 refugee children from Rwanda, CAR and DRC to our store to equip them with 131 school kits. There’s no […]

World Refugee Day

To mark World Refugee Day, UNCHR and the Burotop Iris Foundation have joined forces to celebrate this highly symbolic day. On the theme of “Living together”, a drawing competition was organized for 800 pupils from 4 schools in Bouemba and Betou. To support this initiative, the Burotop Iris Foundation sent hundreds of sheets of paper […]

Celebrating Universal Children’s Day

To mark Universal Children’s Day, the Burotop Iris Foundation organized an awareness-raising day, led by magistrate Christine GOMA, for 60 children from the Case Dominique special school. This day was an opportunity for the children to ask many questions about their rights and their future. The magistrate answered all their questions with patience and pedagogy, […]