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World Refugee Day

To mark World Refugee Day, UNCHR and the Burotop Iris Foundation have joined forces to celebrate this highly symbolic day. On the theme of “Living together”, a drawing competition was organized for 800 pupils from 4 schools in Bouemba and Betou.

To support this initiative, the Burotop Iris Foundation sent hundreds of sheets of paper and colored pencils to the young artists. The best drawing was selected from the huge production and reproduced as a life-size fresco on the walls of the 4 schools, with the participation of the pupils and the local workforce.

This action was an opportunity to promote the values of solidarity, sharing and mutual aid. More than 30 of the 40 students in these schools are refugees.

It was a day of joy and fraternity. It will long be remembered for the magnificent frescoes created by the children themselves. UNCHR and the Burotop Iris Foundation are proud to have been able to offer the students this moment of communion around the values of inclusion and living together.